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EYES IN THE BUSHES… and other market research tactics.

At one point in the not-so-distant past, Steve Jobs (allegedly) hid in the bushes outside the Palo Alto Apple store to get an idea of customer profiles and observe people interacting with Apple products. Like scientists and sociologists, Jobs understood a basic truth about research: we can only understand true human behavior when our subjects believe themselves to be unobserved.

Creating the right environment for natural thought and activity doesn’t need to be difficult. With Vidlet's mobile diary platform, we provide companies with a window into their customers’ real thoughts and actions.

We've sometimes referred to our service as "business voyeurism," and for good reason—even though our research participants have given consent and know they are recording themselves and their surroundings for a study, they still let loose without the presence of a moderator. Our platform allows researchers to hide in the natural environment of technology that surrounds us all. As we peer through the leaves and into the lives of our participants, we can learn what people really think when they know that nobody is watching, thus gathering the insights that companies have yet to discover.

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