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Breaking ground in healthcare tech


At Vidlet, we encourage our clients to supplement the conventional data-driven approach to healthcare design by integrating the power of first-person video research. While quantitative data is essential, we believe that direct clinician insights bring invaluable depth to innovation. Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare solutions by understanding the human element behind the numbers.

Our healthcare team, in collaboration with MedTech startup Vessl, is breaking new ground with a patented prosthetic device that underscores the critical role of user feedback in designing cutting-edge medical equipment like lower limb sockets.

We partnered with prosthetists across North America, diving deep into their practices to explore current prosthetic technology. This exclusive access revealed the real-world highlights and challenges of existing solutions and provided invaluable insights into emerging concepts yet to reach the market. Through video diaries, clinicians shared what truly matters to them and their clients when investing in new devices. Our objective was clear: understand their needs first, then innovate.

This unique perspective, combined with the expertise of our clinically-oriented research team, uncovers essential insights into the adoption, use cases, and billing of advanced medical technologies like Vessl prosthetics. In an industry often driven by reaction, we advocate for a proactive approach to technology development. Addressing root challenges from the outset is crucial to delivering genuine value and avoiding costly repercussions.

At Vidlet, our unyielding curiosity about the future of healthcare and our passion for realizing human potential fuel our continuous inquiry and innovation. We challenge you to join us in this journey, connecting with clinicians and clients to rediscover the true drivers of healthcare: the human element.

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