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Our participants are vital
to our research
 We look for people who honestly share their experiences and can validate themselves with video.  
A Vidlet Study in Six Steps 
1. Finding out about a study. 
We post about upcoming studies on our site, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. And, if you're a member of our panel, we will email you about studies you might be a good fit for. 

2. Filling out a screener. 
You will be asked to fill out a short screener so that we can confirm you are a good match for the study. 

3. Complete a test script. 
If selected for a study, you will need to download the Vidlet mobile app and complete a brief test script to get yourself acquainted with the Vidlet app. 

4. Participate in the full study. 
We will invite you to the full study, where you will record yourself answering a series of questions using mobile video.

5. Answer follow up questions. 
We may ask you to elaborate on some of your answers to the study questions with follow ups tailored to individuals. 

As a thank you for taking the time to complete a study, we pay our participants for completing studies through the platform, Tremendous. Incentive amounts vary per study. 
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