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Fueled by Video: Vidlet's Stellar NASA Workshop

Almost two years ago, we wrote about the value of video in getting to know your customers. We noted that: “With Vidlet’s video insights, we see your customer’s personal lives through a unique lens, one that cannot be shared in a conference-room focus group. We see their stressors, joys, and moments of confusion. We see how they organize their pantries, if their cars are messy or clean, and where their dogs sleep.”

A recent workshop had us calling back to these thoughts, but this time, we saw the value that video research can bring within organizations.

Marshall Space Center, Huntsville, Alabama

For years, we’ve seen that attempts at corporate collaboration often require navigating bureaucracy and miscommunication, especially when engaging partners within different business units or organizations who have different goals. In these situations, finding the spark that ignites true co-creation can seem as elusive as chasing a mythical unicorn.

By combining Vidlet video studies with in-person discussions, Vidlet's corporate workshops leverage the power of video to jumpstart and energize these complicated conversations.

In these dynamic (and often impassioned) sessions, the Vidlet team presents a series of meticulously curated videos, each a testament to stakeholder perspectives distilled from prior interviews. These videos serve as catalysts for profound discussions on collaborative strategies, fostering an environment for innovation and enduring partnerships.

In a recent milestone collaboration, Vidlet brought our video insights to NASA to help the space agency optimize its collaborations with private companies in the In-Space Manufacturing industry. The two-day workshop---held in collaboration with our friends at Bintel and NonFiction---was held at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and featured innovation leaders at private space companies including SpaceFactory, ThinkOrbital, Arkisys, and more.

Thanks largely to Vidlet's themed insights videos, which presented these innovators' perspectives on the current state of public-private partnerships in the space sector, everyone came to the table ready to listen and understand each others' perspectives. Armed with knowledge of the other side's goals and pain points, innovators were able to jump into the design session ready to co-create and exchange ideas.

The outcome spoke volumes: a private partner sealed a deal with NASA during our facilitated conference. Innovation leaders at NASA and private space companies walked away from the session prepared for a future of working together in new ways.

The success of our partnership with NASA showcases the tangible impact of video insights in driving meaningful change and propelling partnerships forward and serves as a testament to the influence of video-enhanced collaboration. We hope to continue guiding industries toward a future where collaboration becomes an art form, enriched by insightful visuals and shared experiences. And, as always, we hope to continue to find out where all of our customers’ dogs sleep.

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