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Fail Fast? Continuously Learn with the Right Tools Instead

Major business changes may require rediscovering exactly who your customers are. With the right tools at your disposal, your business can quickly and efficiently learn where your assumptions are wrong – and ultimately get it right.

The Problem

A multinational corporation producing audio and video products is looking to update their technology and identify their customers after decades in business and a recent series of mergers.

The Ask

The client requested Vidlet recruit participants from two specific professions for a round of interviews.

The Pain Points

It became clear after recruiting and interviewing tier-one participants that the original target groups were irrelevant to the project – the assumed customer base was wrong. Meanwhile, an ongoing interview schedule was identifying an ever-evolving, ultra-specific list of new targets.

The Solution

Fortunately, the Vidlet mobile platform runs on human insights, not assumptions. When the circumstances of the study demanded it, our recruiting methods allowed us to find and immediately deploy research questions to new participants without missing a beat. New interviews – and new information – meant further adjustments to the client’s ask, and the cycle would repeat itself.

An incorrect hypothesis – identified and addressed quickly using the nimble Vidlet platform – was a springboard, not a setback. Learning on the go and shortening the feedback loop sharpened insights; the product development path became far clearer than before. 57 participants, six weeks, and numerous iterations later, the project wrapped on deadline with the kind of unexpected, more accurate findings only achieved through flexibility and an embrace of constant learning.

Knowing your customers is not the same as knowing your customers. Instead of accepting preemptive ideas of who they are, let them show you instead. The Vidlet platform quickly and efficiently captures real, human insights as they happen so you have the luxury of continuous learning – and the agility to pivot as the right direction presents itself.

By the Numbers

6 weeks. 57 participants. Over 1100 minutes of content.

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