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The Value of Video

By Kara Scully and Kristina Tyshchenko

“Don’t ever let me do a study without video again.”

Those are the words of a client, who recently completed another Vidlet video study with us. We’ve heard it all - “I love video”, “I hate video”, “what’s the point?”, “cut that out”, “my customer would NEVER say that” even, “that’s not my customer”.

Spoiler alert: yes, your customer would say that, and yes, that is your customer.

With Vidlet’s video insights, we see your customer’s personal lives through a unique lens, one that cannot be shared in a conference-room focus group. We see their stressors, joys, moments of confusion. We see how they organize their pantry, if their car is messy or clean, where their dogs sleep. We’ve seen people’s life-saving medical devices, their anguished sighs as they attempt to open tricky packaging, and most importantly, we see how they really interact with your product or service in their own home. We see your real customer.

Brands Need Qualitative Research

For a brand to successfully manage its image, it needs to look into having qualitative research and evaluation performed. One of the areas we specialize in is creating pilot ideas based on our research and analysis.

Qualitative research is critical because it looks at the social interactions and engagement of a brand's customers, in our case, through video. This type of analysis gives a deeper understanding of how people perceive a brand. Depending on what the research shows, there can be different actions taken. These would be in alignment with what customers find to be the most preferable.

When working with Vidlet, you will receive original insights, concepts, and ideas that can help discover new ways for success. The research we conduct can provide an understanding of the cognitive and emotional landscape of customers and society at large.

Vidlet is an evolution of focus groups and in-person interviews. Thanks to our video platform, we are helping brands of all sizes gain access to helpful insights at every stage of the development lifecycle. With access to global customers through Vidlet, you receive information that can help propel your business to even greater success, while avoiding potential problems.

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