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ResTech: The new paradigm for product & service research

What is ResTech?

It stands for Research Technology. ResTech firms (such as Vidlet) offer a suite of digital tools that enable research to be conducted remotely, making it more efficient (time and cost).

How is it different from “regular” or “old” research methods?

Some companies still conduct research the old fashioned way, by flying across the world to conduct interviews, organizing expensive in-person focus groups, and facilitating countless shop alongs. It is not only unnecessary, but the sheer presence of a researcher with a participant can reduce a level of insight and authenticity that remote research through mobile video does not hide.

The suite of tools ResTech offers eliminates the need for outdated surveys, in-person focus groups, and flights across the world to conduct research.

Why is ResTech suddenly taking off?

“The need for (and utility of) online research has grown exponentially, as sampling shifts from a traditional market research practice to widespread use in nearly every industry,” says Lucid CEO Patrick Comer. “The good news is that many of us in the research world have been anticipating the shift toward tech adoption because we saw it happen in the advertising space.”

Is ResTech here to stay?

Venture Capital has put $1.2B in the space thus far, so it’s likely here to stay and grow. Vidlet has helped clients conduct over 300 studies in the span of 6 years, which amounts to one study a week. And with the launch of its SaaS platform in early 2022, the number will only grow exponentially.

What is the bottom line on ResTech?

The world is increasingly digital, especially post-Covid. Today, market research firms are looking to cut costs, which often means cutting the number of participants in their study. With Vidlet’s ResTech, companies can:

  • Stop spending money on research travel

  • Increase their participants and number of areas studied

  • Complete research projects in a few weeks vs a few months

  • Share videos of customer insights across the organization

Who’s using ResTech?

From McKinsey to Procter & Gamble, Porsche to Microsoft, even the Texas Education Board—leading edge organizations have been using it for years because it's effective, efficient and makes sense.

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