The Only Mobile Video Company for Innovation Insights

Vidlet’s continuous exchange video platform provides insights for innovation and culture change beyond first impressions.


Why Vidlet

Vidlet’s technology and service offering are focused on true human-centered qualitative research and powered by robust video management to solve the problem: Most new products and services fail in the market.


The Vidlet Difference

No other mobile video insights company goes beyond a simple survey with video. Quick sentiment and testimonials are a good first step (we do them too) but deep customer understanding and rich segmentation paired with the skill to interpret insights into opportunities is the driver for innovation.

Get It Right Fast

Traveling around the world to interview your customers or employees is expensive and impractical. You can’t afford to ask a small number of your customer segment or waste money and time doing so.

When to Contact Us

Contact us when you are ready to learn more about your customers or employees.  Contact us when you have solid user-driven data but lack the human story. Don’t contact us if you want empathy to match a survey done with monkeys – those surveys are for people who can’t handle the truth.

We bring you the truth captured on video.