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You don’t know your audience

as well as you think you do.

From farmers and families, to their doctors, lawyers, teachers

and bankers – we talk to the people you need. Make your research come alive by seeing the human experience behind your data points.

Human-Centered Insights


Our clients include: Amazon, BMW, College Board, Delta, eBay, Feeding America, GoPro, HP, Intuit, John Deere, Kimberly-Clark, Lionsgate, Microsoft, Nike, Osin, Pfizer, Quest, Regions Bank, Samsung, Tim Hortons, University of Texas, Visa, Walmart thru XYZ & more. Vidlet’s platform and mobile video capabilities allow you to observe, not judge – and design with your audience in mind.

This shows the life cycle of a product and how Vidlet can help ensure product success.

Using Vidlet allows clients to engage with stakeholders continuously as they move across the innovation life cycle to ensure product success.

Too many innovations fail… we don’t want yours to join them.

“Over 40 percent of the companies surveyed aren’t talking to their end users during development.”

- McKinsey & Company

“We tagged and segmented hundreds of videos after multiple exchanges with customers in a diary study. Nobody does that better than Vidlet.”
- JP Morgan Chase
“When you use mobile video versus moderated IDIs, you really un-fuck your life.”
- Client Email
“Our research team likes d-scout for surveys but they are too light weight for design research.”
- Microsoft
“I wanted to thank you again for the excellent work, and more so, for being such fun and joyful people to work with.”
- McKinsey & Co.

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