What We Do

Did you know that 50% of products fail in the market? That means every other product brought to market flops.

We are here to help you solve that problem. Using mobile video, Vidlet easily captures in-the-moment observations and translates them into insights and opportunities. Vidlet makes it simple for businesses to quickly understand unmet needs, behaviors, contextual factors, and emotional drivers, while also communicating findings through the power of video. Vidlet acts as an innovation catalyst, bringing your customer needs and pain points quickly to life. Fast and Easy.

Vidlet disrupts the traditional in-person research by using a participant’s mobile phone.

We make it easy for you to quickly understand unmet needs, relevant behavior, contextual factors, and emotion, while also communicating findings through the power of video.


Easy-to-use app, secure, intelligent platform.

We make it fast and affordable for you to get insights directly from your customers at any stage in the product lifecycle.

How it Works

We work with you to understand your needs and create a plan. We put together a screener (or we can use your screener) to engage our diverse panel, as well as recruit through social media, special interest groups, and influencer networks.

Building on the intimate relationship that people have with their smartphones, Vidlet poses questions and activities to the research participants from anywhere in the world. It’s simple for the participants to answer with video selfies.

Once participants have completed recording their answers, the videos are uploaded to our secure video platform. Vidlet’s platform creates “video post-it notes”, making it easy to review, edit, tag, analyze, and organize video clips with minimal effort. Our proprietary software automatically transcribes and translates video, which dramatically improves the analysis process through features like word cloud and “Google style” full text search on video content. Find patterns fast by searching for words spoken by the participants and build on those patterns using our comprehensive “Smart” Playlists feature.