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Good Shopping Means Good Shipping

Insights from Vidlet and Bintel through Video and AI powered research

Good data and good insights are important across the board, and we pinpointed some key examples through both of our past work experiences.

When it comes to perishable goods or medication, simple trepidation turns into real fear when a package doesn’t arrive on time, and all perceived values of speed and cost don’t matter. Or, consider something like a mattress in a box? What do you do when the box arrives destroyed?

Another example, Bintel data was able to pinpoint that shipping frustrations were high during a time of bad weather by combining survey data with location data, and Vidlet has shown you what it looks like when perishable dog food sits in 110 degree weather by having customers record their unboxing frustration.

Together, Vidlet and Bintel’s data collection can tell a story for our clients.

Good data and good insights are even more important when you introduce new opportunities.

European retailers promote global shopping thanks to the favorable exchange rate for American consumers. Understanding global norms or regulations, and collecting good data around the full experience are essential to turn an opportunity into a success.

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