Become an Expert

Companies need insights from people like you to build better products and services. At Vidlet, we pay you for those insights and it’s as easy as taking a selfie. Using our mobile app, research participants record themselves answering research questions, shopping through stores, and testing products.

Becoming an Expert

Apply – New studies are emailed to you when they become available. We send you an application form for each study so that we make sure we get the right group for that project.

Record – When you’re selected for a study, you’ll record your answers via video on your phone through our Vidlet app.

Get Paid – Once we receive your videos, we pay you via a gift card or direct bank deposit.

Join Our Experts

Please fill out your contact information below. Your information will be protected in our database and you will only be contacted when there is a new study available for you to participate in. You can review our privacy policy here.